My Baby Will Born in A Parking Lot

27 10 2009

In that one lovely morning, my wife, her brother and I drove to a real estate agency. Her brother wanted to buy an apartment. As we entered the highway, my wife broke the silence with an annoying request.

“Honey, I think we should find another hospital. The hospital we visited last week, have a small parking lot.”

My wife is a pregnant woman of  2 months. We just found it out 2 weeks before I wrote this down.

I replied, “ And how’s that becoming a problem ? How many car do you want to stuff in to the hospital ?”

“Well, a lot of people will visit me when I deliver the baby. A hospital with a large parking lot will be very useful.”

“Useful ? What is it good for the baby ? Explain to me..”

“Well, not for the baby, for people who are visiting.”

Clearly, hormonal activity caused by pregnancy, made my wife’s logical thinking stop working. Or maybe I just couldn’t understand what a pregnant woman is going through.

O.K., let us compare this. Below is my priority list regarding this issue, arranged from the most important :

The Baby and The mother – The Family – The Visiting People

And below is my wife’s list :

The Visiting People – The Visiting People – The Visiting People

It’s kind of suck, when I put someone as first in my priority list and then find out that-someone put other people in his/her priority list.

“Don’t you think it’s kind of funny that we are deciding where the baby will born over a parking lot ?”

My wife didn’t reply me.

“Just focus on the facilities of the hospital for you and the baby. Don’t waste your time thinking over a parking lot, because my baby will not born in a parking lot.”

Oh my God, if I take my wife’s request seriously, I will consider to find a drive-through visiting  hospital, so everyone who want to visit my wife and the new born baby could visit them without troubled on finding a parking lot, even don’t need to jump off from their car. Imagine that…