Attention, Dreamer !

28 11 2008

We are dreamers, we all want to live our dream.
But wait…is it really our dream? or we are chasing someone else’s?

Another question, are we chasing our dream or our dream chasing after us? Who should take control?

Lately, someone accused me over a crime. Someone put a charge on me for breaking her dream. Well, I realized that she went through a very emotional moment. So, I played along. She sent me on a trial of morality. She found myself guilty as I was being so selfish and arrogant. She punished me over an anarchy act ruining her dream she has built upon me.

But wait, is it allowed to build our dream upon someone else’s life? Isn’t that also a crime?

Well maybe, I need to say this on my closing speech:

Your dream should be your dream, and only for you. It doesn’t belong to someone else. Never does. Your dream is on your own hands. It’s in your life, not others.
Never put your dream upon someone else’s life without any commitment, or you’re like putting an egg at a narrow edge. Someday it will fall down and scattered.
Even a committed person could break his/her own commitment. So always keep the dream with you.

You are the one who shaping the dream, others are only coloring.


One broken dream

28 11 2008

I broke your dream, but not your spirit, you said.
That’s good. As I know, it’s not the end of your journey.
So there is no reason to stop, just like uncle Johny said ‘Keep Walking’.
The dream you had built, is not mine. That’s why i stayed outside.

Never put any guilty feeling upon yourself.
There’s nothing wrong about us, but also seems there’s nothing right happens.
Bad timing that’s all I can say. You are at the early stage of relationship, while I have enough up and down. You, with all your do’s and dont’s, are not something to blame on. You have right for that. But it just make me under such a pressure. I sense your domination just around the corner. You remind me of the time when i was young. Conquer and control, that’s my vision. No compassion, less understanding, countless fights, wasted tears, and never ending debates. But that is just the way we grow, right? And I’m seeking deeper than that, because i have had my time for those.

You still have a lot of boxes to be opened. And I count mine…they are becoming less and less. One broken dream all right, but you still have millions more.