Katanya Gratis

21 04 2009

A Complete Diner of Night Life (Explicit content)

19 04 2009

This is what written on the menu card of a Night Life Restaurant


Spring Roll of Tobacco

Drugs Platter
(a selection of the finest drugs)

Absolutely Alcohol
(top up)

Sweet Cream of Sex


While I’m amaze with this menu card, I’m wondering….who’s cooking..? Of course….The DJ..!!!

I’m not talking about good and bad, but I lost direction on how to see them as non-connecting parts. Loud music, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and sex are closely related to each other, in fact they are interconnected, for a night life fanatics, I’m sure they know.

In my mind, they work just like a complete diner in a restaurant.

You walk in to a restaurant then having a seat, accompanied by ears-breaking kind of music.

For a start, a pack of cigarettes it is.
The nicotine will stimulate your heart, bumping faster. You’ll get warmed up. Like appetizer do, sting your appetite before the hard one come.

Not for long, come the main course, your own selection of drugs.
This time your heart bumping even faster. Your blood is distributed rapidly to entire body.
Your nerves system will be in a very high tension, taking all your consciousness to the taste of the heaviest sequence of the meal.

To help your digesting system, of course you need lubricant.
You might need a bottle of hard liquor as your drink.
The liquid will mix all your common sense up.

At the end, you’ll have sex as your sweet dessert.
(an experiment show that your libido will easily raise after taking alcohol and/or drugs, I read it in an FHM article couple years ago).
No need to worry about bed of roses, candle light or love romance, you won’t remember it anyway, because all your blood will be drained out from your brain to your genital tissues, so your brain is out of service temporarily.

OK, there you go you have completed all the meal sequences. I hope you enjoy your diner.